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We are conviniently located in Antwerp, the geographical  heart of Europe. So all orders will normally reach our customers within 3-4 days. Please allow some postal delay for the Christmas season as delivery may take longer due to the volume of parcels.


Mailing dates are Monday to Friday.  We aim to dispatch all orders within 48hrs.


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G-Strophanthin, Oubain for a  Healthy Heart

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Oubain, G-strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, Strophantus kombe, may be a natural remedy for heart-disease. Other known names are: Strophantin, Strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, strophanthus gratus, strodival, kombetin, Ouabain,  Acocantherin,  Astrobain, Strophantil, G-Strophicor, Strovidal, Gratibain,  Gratus, Strophanthin, Kombetin,  Purostrophan,  Rectobaina,  Solufantina,  Strodival, Strovidal,  Strophalen,  Strophoperm,  Strophosan,  Uabaina,  Uabanin, Estrofantina, Strophanthin Urtinktur, Strophoral, Strovantil,