A few facts about Ouabain, G - Strophanthin and Strophantus Gratus / Kombe



How is Ouabain, Strophanthin, Strophantus Gratus taken?

There are various ways it can be taken.
We however,  believe that the pure natural seed is the best form and has the easiest form of dosage.
Either be chewed or in form of a small infusion.
The consumation of Strophantus Gratus/Kombe (Ouabain) Gratus seeds is easy .
The following values ​​are based on experience of our users.
The monthly dosage is 6 seeds a day X 30 day=180 seeds per month on average.
The daily amount could be 6 seeds ( 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening, half an hour before a meal ) will be equivalent to 2 capsules=6mg Strodival .
Since there is no danger of overdose, depending on your health, you may prefer to take more seeds than too few. The seeds must be chewed and then left for 10 minutes in the mouth.
If it is not possible to chew the seed, they can also be crushed in a coffee grinder or mortar and then left for 10 minutes in the mouth.
However, our favourite way to take the seeds taste  is to crush them with a coffee grinder (very cheap to buy) or pestle and mortar, pour in a little hot water and add 4 drops of Stevia/honey etc. and a bit of milk(optional). Down the liquid in one sip, or better if you can leave the liquid for a few minutes in your mouth for a quicker absorbtion. Note that you will probably need a few seeds more as 1/3 will be destroyed by the stomach acid.


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Oubain, G-strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, Strophantus kombe, may be a natural remedy for heart-disease. Other known names are: Strophantin, Strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, strophanthus gratus, strodival, kombetin, Ouabain,  Acocantherin,  Astrobain, Strophantil, G-Strophicor, Strovidal, Gratibain,  Gratus, Strophanthin, Kombetin,  Purostrophan,  Rectobaina,  Solufantina,  Strodival, Strovidal,  Strophalen,  Strophoperm,  Strophosan,  Uabaina,  Uabanin, Estrofantina, Strophanthin Urtinktur, Strophoral, Strovantil,